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Lyana Gibert
Lyana Gibert
Lyana Gibert


Beauty Has No Boundaries

Lyana is an international makeup artist, a certified hairdresser, a wedding stylist, and an image-maker from Russia. She studied makeup and hairdressing artistry in Europe, a unique place in the world where stylists can have one-of-a-kind education and knowledge of how to create a harmonious image. Lyana’s passion is the creation of amazing wedding makeup looks. At first, she started off alone but very soon, the growing demand for her services required additional like-minded artists and the creation of a professional hair and makeup team, Art of Beauty.

Being an award-winning professional artist in hair and makeup, Lyana is passionate about enhancing bridal beauty using her expertise. She has been recognized as the finest makeup and hair artists in the bridal industry. She also trusts that the beauty and individuality of each bride is most important rather than doing same makeup on every bride. Trends are great to follow but one size is not for all. And so, Lyana’s professional expertise can customize the modern trends as per bride needs.


Your big day is an immense milestone of your life. On top of choosing your ideal venue for wedding and gorgeous wedding outfit, you need to look for hair & makeup artist to get you a radiant, illuminating and moonlight look done professionally. You should look great & confident as you stroll down the eyes because everyone’s eyes and cameras will be on you. To assist you with your hide and seek for perfect Hair and Makeup Artist, we have refreshed our bridal menu to present you our latest techs for wedding services worldwide– Below are the Wedding Hair & Makeup Artists of our team you must know. They will doubtlessly make them put your best self forward on your big day


We Are Proud of Each Member of Our Team

Art of Beauty is a team of professional makeup artists. We are a mobile beauty studio headed by master stylist Lyana Gibert who is one of the top makeup artists available worldwide with more than 15 years of professional experience.

Jenni is an upscale professional and international-level master stylist and makeup artist. Like a musician with perfect pitch, a stylist must have impeccable taste. An innate sense of proportion, an unconventional approach to image creation and master haircutting techniques honed at top-level competitions make Jenni a unique master. This exemplary hairdresser started her professional journey in a popular beauty school, Blanche Macdonald Centre. Now she is working in Vancouver on sets of well-known movies and television shows, but her true passion is ensuring brides are happy with their perfect wedding looks.

Miriam is a practicing stylist and image-maker. Top-notch artistic education at Blanche Macdonald Centre and 20 years of experience in the modelling business, on both sides of the camera lens, make Miriam well-suited to provide fashion-transformations for women and men. ‘I will help you transform for any event: be it a wedding, an anniversary or a photo shoot. Together we will completely change your whole image for a new vibrant life! For truly deep self-improvement, your appearance should mirror your inner world.’

Having started his education at Empire Beauty School, Frank quickly made a name for himself as an author of innovative styling. Immediately after graduation, he was invited to work at one of the most famous beauty salons in New York. He became the personal stylist of various celebrities and accompanied them on tours around the world for years. He currently leads a team of Art of Beauty stylists in New York and never ceases to amaze the world with his creative styling for the catwalk and everyday life. This unrivalled artist has recently earned a Frankfurt Style Award for outstanding workmanship in hair coloring.

Emilia is an art manager specializing in creative and bridal makeup. She realized her love of art when she was only seven years old. She truly believes that wedding artist is one of the most important people at your ceremony because the bride’s image depends on him or her directly. What could be more important and exciting than the way you look on the most momentous occasion of your life? Emilia creates an image, not just flawless makeup. All elements of your wedding look are coordinated and create a unique you.

Ally is a Calgary makeup artist who has a perfect record in creating amazing wedding looks. She was certified in Makeup Artistry after attending Artists Within in 2011. Ally can work with any makeup style, including natural beauty, avant-garde, face painting, makeup from different eras, glamour, etc. She believes that her mission is to help women feel the most beautiful, desired and unique on the most important day of their lives. Perfect makeup and hairstyle are the key components of success. “How to determine that your wedding image was a success? Look into the groom’s eyes when he first sees you in your bridal image!”


We would be happy to offer you and your guests the best hair and makeup services.
For your convenience, we will travel throughout the U.S. and Canada to any location.
We have 5 teams in total that service different geographical locations.

  • Lyana leads the team of artists available to travel internationally (either the whole team or solo) for any type of destination wedding. Additionally, Lyana accepts weddings in all of our major locations (depending upon availability): Canada, the U.S. and Bali. So if you want to experience the best beauty service available, feel free to contact us and book Lyana for your wedding!
  • Two Vancouver teams (one led by Jenni and the other by Miriam). Available for travel in:
    • Vancouver and the Lower Mainland
    • British Columbia (Kelowna, Whistler, Victoria, etc.)
  • Two Calgary teams (one led by Ally and the other by Emilia) serve Calgary and surrounding areas (including Banff, Canmore, Lake Louise, Jasper, etc.)
  • One permanent New York team (led by Frank)


Lyana and Art of Beauty professionals travel worldwide and are available for destination weddings anywhere in the world. Due to travel plans for Lyana during 2019-2020 wedding seasons, she will work at destination weddings in Bali and in Thailand at no extra charge. It is quite a good deal, since air tickets and accommodations for artists will be on us! Follow this link to learn more about our fees.


The Art of Beauty team unites highly skilled stylists, celebrity makeup artists, hairdressers, colorists, image-makers, eyebrow-correction specialists, and masters of jewelry creation, as well as hairstyle and makeup instructors. Each of them has broad experience and a number of certificates from internationally acclaimed beauty academies.

Mobile hair and makeup stylist is a demanding profession requiring a combination of many specialties, accomplishments and skills. A wedding stylist should be able to do many things and consistently deliver her best work. An artist should also be able to reveal a client’s beauty, even a beauty the client was unaware of herself. Our reputation is impeccable because Art of Beauty pays special attention to the image of a bride, a groom and guests, and we do our utmost to perform a flawless job.

Best makeup artist near me? The answer is Lyana Gibert and Art of Beauty. You can always rest assured that we will be in the right place at the right time. Our mobile makeup artist team is available in New York City, Calgary, Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. Moreover, Art of Beauty can provide service to five weddings at a time, since we have 5 separate teams.

We perform bridal makeup and hairstyles for the bride, the groom, bridesmaids, relatives, flower girls and guests for various thematic weddings, such as traditional European, North American and East Indian weddings. Indian bridal hair and makeup require high-level professional standards and creativity. We are also ready to help you with special events including graduation, prom, special occasions, parties and exhibitions, as well as commercial and creative projects (television, photo shoots, business makeup, etc.).


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